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Christmas is coming

Christmas is around the corner and the staff of Firesale would like to remind everybody that there are already tons of items out there that you can buy second hand, and still have the coolest and most appreciated gift amongst your friends and family. And you'll be saving the planet by not giving into buying new items all the time.

Christmas is a magical time, right? Seeing all those perfectly wrapped, brand new presents under the Christmas tree, just waiting to be opened? But who says that it has to be new to be the perfect gift?

We've listed some tips on how to search out the perfect second hand gift and saving the planet in the same time.

Search out that rare, one of a kind item
Some things just can't be bought in a retail store. Look for handmade items and any rarities or oddities. Maybe some autographed item, limited edition item etc.

Go Vintage
Vintage is cool and can never go wrong. Antiques are prized for their age, not despised for it; so seek out those old-world treasures and give them as gifts.

Buying second-hand doesn't have to mean buying used items
Keep an eye out for items in their original packaging – candles, clothes, craft kits, toys, etc. – and no one will care (much less notice) that it was purchased second-hand.


Best wishes and merry Christmas

-- Firesale Team